Moringa- The Green SuperFood

All the nutrition required by every single living organism has been provided to us by nature. Sometimes hidden beneath the earth, sometimes grown on mountains and at other occasions, found in the deepest parts of the ocean, nature's bounties are endless, holistic and ultra- beneficial. 

Moringa is one of nature's nutritional miracles. Packed with over 90 essential nutrients, over 40 antioxidants and several proteins, Moringa has been consumed for centuries as a natural nutritional supplement and beauty product.

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Key Benefits

Add a tea spoon full of Organic Moringa Powder twice a day to your morning tea, green tea, coffee or hot water, or sprinkle it on your favourite curry or salad, you can be certain that you are ingesting the most powerful natural multivitamin in its raw and purest form.


Given the nutritional elements in Moringa Powder, using it on a consistent and regular basis may have the following benefits. 

"I’m sleeping good, have no arthritic pain and have better energy, this after only a couple of months.."

Amna Hussain Amjad

"As soon as I started using Moringa my b/p dropped to the normal range."

Ali Ahmed Kasuri

"We put it in smoothies and pancakes, and if they get sick, they heal super fast with this superfood super nutrient product."

Salman Asad Amjad